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About us

Inspiring more in the joy of Ikebana

The art of Ikebana has truly inspired me over the years by instilling a solid foundation of floral techniques and creativity.

The new & highly creative forms for classic & contemporary art of Ikebana provide a fresh perspective - of Simplicity & Formality.

 Doris Wong
1st Grade Riji, Teacher of Sogetsu

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Doris Wong


An avid lover of the art. Doris continues to pursue a wide range of artistic practices that spanned mediums and culture including dance, music, pottery, sculptures, paintings and cooking.

In the late 1970s, Doris started learning Ikebana with Mrs Lucille Evans who was the founder & Director of Sogetsu School as well as Ikebana International Hong Kong Chapter.


Doris’s philosophy in creative expression resonates with Sofu Teshigahara is of the belief that once all the rules and learned techniques are mastered, an unbounded field remains for personnel expression using varied materials, not just flowers. One of the main elements of Ikebana is that it is more than an art but has a philosophical aspect that can heal and stimulate the inner self: a co-existence between nature and creativity.

“Ikebana has been part of my life, in floral design internationally, the art and entrepreneurship, and I have had the opportunity to work with great Ikebana artists and to form warm and lasting friendships with people from all over the world.”

To the present, Doris generously shares her wealth of wisdom and experience creating her workshop space now officially Hana Art to be a community for people of all ages, backgrounds, and talents to explore the depth of the art.

"Friendship Through Flowers"


Doris Wong Ng Shek Miu (1st Riji degree Sogetsu School)


  • Attended & participated:

- Ikebana International World Conference (Japan)

- European Regional Conference

- North American Regional Conference 

- Asian Regional Conference 

  • 2014: Fund Raising co-Chairperson for 14th Asian Regional Conference, Hong Kong

  • 2015: The 96th Sogetsu Annual Exhibition Award ("Shin Jin Sho") 

  • 2017: Awarded the 90th Sogetsu School Anniversary Commemorative Overseas (Akane Teshigahara Award)

  • 2019: Exhibited the 100th Sogetsu Annual Exhibition ("Hana San Ka") for 8 consecutive years

  • 2020: Sogetsu School Award of "Cultural Activities Promotion Fund"

  • 2011-Present: Teaching Sogetsu Ikebana Flowers Arrangement at HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education

Teaching Team

with Doris Wong

Pauline Tsang.jpeg

I believe humans are closely related to nature. Through collaboration, the love of the arts can be expressed.


Charlene Tse

Apart from cookery, practising Ikebana is my favourite hobby. It allows me to attain my calmness and enjoyment. The appreciation of nature helps enrich my thoughts and creativity. Ikebana is life and full of wonders. 

Pauline Wong

Jennie Wei

Ikebana has opened up an ever-inspiring world to learning about art, nature, and mindfulness for someone like me who is passionately curious about all forms of art.


Jenny Tse

Ikebana is that small piece of peaceful nature, that fills the heart with love and joy!

Teacher Jenny Tse | Hana Art.jpg

Our Approach

At Hana Art, we encourage our students to enjoy Ikebana and to thrive in their individual beauty of expression through Ikebana - the Japanese art of flower arrangement.


Sogetsu-ryu(草月流)is one of the most famous schools in Ikebana that focuses on space, balance and harmony. 


“Anytime, anywhere, by anyone, Sogetsu Ikebana can be created.”


An Ikebana arrangement injects life to any home, atrium, banquet hall, shop window, large public spaces - any space can be enhanced by adding colour and rhythm in a contemporary way.

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